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Cornerstone Fellowship is a "church-in-formation." By this we mean that we are a group of Christ-followers who are on a trajectory to become a new, gospel-centered church in downtown Knysna. During this formation phase, we have weekly worship services, centered around the exposition of God's word, and a mid-week life group. Our prayer is that as God continues to form us into a local gathering of His church, we will be a light for the truth of the gospel right here in Knysna.

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As Cornerstone Fellowship is a "church-in-formation," we do not yet have church officers, such as elders and deacons. So in that sense, our leadership structure is informal while we are in our formation stage. Nonetheless, during this time we have two primary families that are leading our group.

Brett & Brittni Stowe, Isaiah

Caleb & Terrah Mello, Levi, Chloe, Lily

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